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  • Geotagging, adding geographical information to digital content

    1:40 am on November 13, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
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    Geotagging, referring to the contents of digital items such as pictures being marked with geographic information. For example, a digital picture can be added with geographic information includes: longitude, latitude, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), altitude, and even heading information. These information can be embedded in the photos’ EXIF file.

     taken in ChongJiang, Guizhou, China

    taken in ChongJiang, Guizhou, China

    With software (such as Adobe Lightroom), when you open the photo, you can see the EXIF data, such as:
    GPSVersion ID:
    GPS Latitude: 25 deg 43 ‘23.72 “N
    GPS Longitude: 108 deg 51 ‘57.77 “E
    GPSAltitude Ref: Above Sea Level
    GPSAltitude: 572 m
    GPSTime Stamp: 02:19:15
    GPSSatellites: 07
    GPSImg Direction Ref: Magnetic North
    GPSImg Direction: 133
    GPSDate Stamp: 2009:10:03

    This article introduce two of the most popular ways to add geographical information to the photos.

    1: Direct write: that is when you press the camera shutter, the geographic information is written into the photo. This method requires the camera itself is able to write GPS data into images. The current high-end Nikon cameras, such as the Nikon D3, D3x, D300, D700, D2X, D2Hs, D2Xs, D200 and Fujifilm S5 Pro and D90, D5000, are able to write GPS signal to digital photos and they all have GPS connectors. All we need is a little GPS receiver (such as MetaGPS , The advantage of this method is the obvious, there is no follow-up treatment and it does not need any other software.

    MetaGPS geotagging GPS receiver Nikon DSLR on Nikon D90

    MetaGPS geotagging GPS receiver Nikon DSLR on Nikon D90

    2: In direct write: that is, when you press the shutter, geographic information is NOT written into pictures but stored in another medium (such as CF card). You can use computers to post-process and join the geographic information log with the digital photos. The draw back for this method is the post-processing hassle. However, you can use any camera to take pictures and later on joint the geotagging information to the pictures.

    There are many post-processing software, free with locr, PhotoMapper, etc., the software can import GPS logs and digital photos, and then join the GPS coordinates with digital photos.

    When you have the geotagged photos, you can upload them to flickr. Flickr use yahoomap to display geotagged images for each specific location. Of course, the best location display software or google earth or google map. Many website such as or display the pictures with location using google map.

     Beijing Atlantic City on googlemap

    Beijing Atlantic City on googlemap

    With geotagged picture, people around the world not only can see you photos, then can also see where your photos are taken. Of cause, you can also take a virtual tour around the world with google map and the geotagged photos other people take.

  • FAQ (frequent asked questions):

    7:51 am on November 7, 2009 | 2 Permalink | Reply
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    What is MetaGPS?
    MetaGPS is a small and compact unit that attached to Nikon DSLR cameras. It will receive GPS signals and embed GPS coordinates in the digital pictures. This is called Geotagging.

    What can I do with geotagged digital pictures?
    There are many ways that you can use the geotagged digital pictures. You can put the pictures in Google map and share them with others. People can see what a particular place look like from your picture and know the exact location.

    Who is behind MetaGPS Inc.?
    MetaGPS Inc. is founded in 2008 by a group of travel and outdoor enthusiastic. Our US warehouse is located in Miami, Florida.

    Can MetaGPS units work with Canon cameras or my point and shoot camera?
    Unfortunately, no. It can only work with Nikon DSLR cameras.

    What is your shipping method and cost?
    If you live in the US, we ship via USPS priority mail with tracking from our Miami, Florida warehouse .The shipping cost within the US address is: $9. You can expect the product within 2-4 business days.
    If you live outside the US, we ship the products via FedEx or UPS international express mail from our Shenzhen, China warehouse. The shipping cost is: $19. You can expect the product within 5 business days to your door.
    We will email tracking number so you know when to expect the product.

    If I buy more than one item, do you combine shipping?
    Yes, the shipping cost listed above is for one shipping address no matter how many items you buy. For example, if you live in the US and purchase two MetaGPS units in one order, the shipping cost is still $9.

    Do you sell C10 or C90 cable without the MetaGPS unit?
    No. we do not sell C10 or C90 without the MetaGPS unit. However, you can purchase an additional cable (either C10 or C90) for $USD 19.99 with the purchase of a MetaGPS unit. We offer free shipping for the cable if it is shipped together with a MetaGPS unit.

    What if there is a problem with your product?
    We have strict quality control standard. Every MetaGPS units are tested before they are released to market. We stand behind our products and offer one year limited warranty. We will repair or exchange any defects free of charge within one year from your purchase date. Please contact us for trouble shooting before returning any products. The performance of MetaGPS unit depends on many uncontrollable situations such as the weather condition, and location, etc. We are glad to help you resolving any issues. In case of a defective unit is found, please return it to our Miami, Florida warehouse. We are responsible for the shipping cost for sending the repaired or exchanged item back to you. You may be responsible for shipping cost of the item for sending the item to our Miami, Florida warehouse.

    Do you have a warehouse in Europe?
    Currently, no.

    Can I become a dealer for MetaGPS?
    Please drop us a line at: . Please write your business type and sales volume per month for your main products. Our sales team will contact you.

    What if I have other questions or suggestions?
    We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us via email:, via Skype: MetaGPS

  • MetaGPS M1 is available for purchase!

    4:44 am on November 7, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: electrnoic compass, , M1, ,

    We are very exited to announce the immediate release of our MetaGPS M1 products. Customers can purchase these items from our website through the secure Paypal payment system.
    We have been testing MetaGPS M2 (with electronic compass) for a few months now. It now looks like a solid product with accurate heading readings. We expect to release M2 very soon.

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