P. WILLIAMS (UK) – This review is from: MetaGPS M1 C90 Compact Geotagging Unit for Select Nikon DSLR Cameras

I originally purchased the MetaGPS unit at the end of last year (2009) for my Nikon D90. Having done my homework on the Nikon GPS-1 unit and this alternative, I chose the MetaGPS unit because it was significantly cheaper and seemed to offer pretty much what the Nikon version did at a fraction of the cost. I made an offer on Ebay and the distribution company accepted. The unit arrived promptly and appeared very well manufactured and packaged, with instructions and the relevant lead for my D90.

I used it for a month long trip to Western BC, Canada and the USA as my family are Canadaina, and we visited some pretty remote towns and locations in the Rockies, with the MetaGPS unit recording the dat perfectly every time. On my return to the UK, I uploaded my files and went into Google Earth where my exact location with coordinates was stored, perfect as I need the data for my photographic blog at[…] I’ve self published two books this year on Blurb and the data from this gizmo has been so helpful in exact locations and exif data for reference.

I was so pleased with the unit, that when I sold my D90 and moved up to a professional full frame Nikon D700, I contacted the company and requested a new lead (10 pin fitting) for that camera which was duly despatched for £20 including postage. The unit works just as well on the D700 and I could not be without it.

DOWNERS: Well, it can be as annoying at times as the Nikon GPS-1 unit in locating a good signal from cold and the start up time is way too optimistic, with anything up to three or four minutes on occasions. Once locked on, the warm start is a matter of a few seconds, but occasionally it just won’t lock on (cloudy skies, built up area). The same criticism is levelled at the Nikon unit, so I guess they are similar in that respect. I also have to set my meters to stay on for a minute on camera to allow the unit to connect rather than keep on pressing the shutter button. I always shoot with two batteries, so battery drain has never been an issue for me, and I always fully charge the unit prior to the shoot.

Overall, I’m very happy with this little GPS unit and it cost me less than half that of the Nikon version, so value for money is a no-brainer. Support and service from the manufacturers has been first class. I never leave home without it.

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